About Us

Tutoring Solutions

Tutoring Solutions was officially founded in 2014 by Justin Jones. It began as a side job while Justin was teaching math in Springdale, but because of his personality and teaching style it quickly became a full-time venture. Parents and students quickly realize that math can be fun and productive under the right guidance of a tutor. 

Justin has been teaching math (High School and College) and tutoring for over 20 years and has built quite the reputation for himself. He tutors all ages, subjects, and abilities of learner. He can teach any math class from 1st grade all the way to Cal 3 (and beyond). He teaches in a way that isn't intimidating and gets through to people who usually think they aren't "good" at math. 

Justin has worked with many teachers in his career and knows what makes a good tutor. He has been lucky enough to exclusively hire tutors that  he has worked with in the past, so he knows their abilities and what qualifications they have. As a team, Tutoring Solutions is making a name for themselves in the Northwest Arkansas Area (and internationally as well). 

If you would like more information, feel free to contact Justin anytime at 479-347-7406 or email him at justin@tutoring-solutions.com